01 July 2009

Mission Statement

accuracy July 1st marks several highly anticipated traditions here in Canada and in the city of Montreal—Canada Day, celebrating our great nation; official ‘Moving Day’ for apartment-renters in Montreal and; for the NHL and hockey-fans everywhere, another day of moving and shaking, the day that has become known as ‘Free Agent Frenzy’.

For my purposes, July 1st will also serve as a self-imposed deadline or, more specifically, a target date. I am giving myself 1 year from today, the 1st day of July 2009, to land a position within the NHL. How this will be achieved is still very much in the air, though I have made a promise to myself to devote the time and creative energy required to do myself justice in this endeavour.

My goal, just to clarify, is not to be tangentially associated with the NHL (be it through the media, blogosphere, etc.), but to be directly involved in some capacity within the NHL or, preferably, one of its organizations. I wholeheartedly believe I possess the passion and the skills required to be a truly valuable asset to an organization within the NHL or to the NHL itself, and know for certain that I have the appropriate tools at my disposal to get to where I want to be.

While I fully appreciate how limited and how competitive the pool of positions in the NHL is and will forever be, and perhaps find myself at a slight disadvantage without any personal ties to anybody already within the NHL, I also understand that never before have we had more sophisticated or open lines of networking and communication than we do today (this page being just one example, alongside Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.), and I plan to take full advantage of any means available to get my foot in the door.

NHLAt the heart of the plan of attack I have mapped out for myself, this blog will chronicle my efforts and (hopefully) my journey to the NHL. Using this platform as an open-ended resumé of sorts, I will post opinion pieces on anything and everything from amateur/pro talent & scouting to hockey operations to league marketing & direction, analytical breakdowns of players and teams, cover letters to potential employers within NHL Management and anything else I can think of in between.

With a clear target in mind, unwavering commitment to my goal and a little luck, I hope to find my ‘in’ and work on a career in hockey on its grandest stage. Wish me luck…

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